Pay with confidence with a Visa Platinum credit card

Whether you're paying for everyday expenses, making larger lifestyle investments, or transferring balances to consolidate high-interest debt, you shouldn’t have to fear using your credit card. The Visa® Platinum Card keeps you in control of your finances.

Alliant Visa Platinum Credit Card
The Run Down
  • As low as 0% introductory rate51 for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers (After the introductory period, a low standard variable rate applies ranging from 15.49%–27.49%. Balance transfer fee of 2% of the amount transferred, $5 minimum.)
  • Great for balance transfers to consolidate your debts from high-interest cards into one payment
  • $0 fraud liability guarantee37
  • No annual fee
  • Generous credit lines
  • Low standard APRs
  • EMV chip for enhanced security
  • Works with Google Pay™, Apple Pay™ and Samsung Pay™ 38
0 %
Introductory rate
A savings account to help you win

Unlock the power of savings with no maximum balance limit requirements and no monthly fees if you select eStatements.

Learn more

Highest Flat Rate Cash-Back Credit Card

Best Credit Union Card

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Perks that put a pep in your step

Learn more about your Visa Platinum card benefits

$0 liability on fraudulent charges

With the $0 fraud liability feature37, in most cases, you won't pay for unauthorized charges on your credit card.

See our security center to learn more about why you are safe with Alliant.

Greater security

All Alliant Visa® credit cards come equipped with EMV chip technology. Enjoy global acceptance and enhanced security when you use your credit card domestically and internationally at merchants with terminals that are chip enabled.

In addition to the EMV chip, Alliant credit cards also have a magnetic stripe, giving you ultimate payment flexibility around the globe. Learn more.

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver98

Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver (ARCDW) eliminates the need to pay for the collision damage waiver or similar provision provided by commercial auto rental companies on most passenger vehicles—saving you money on insurance costs. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. In order for coverage to apply you must use your covered Visa card to secure transactions. Please refer to your Guide to benefits for more information.

Roadside Dispatch®

Roadside Dispatch provides you with 24-hour access to roadside assistance via a toll-free number. This pay-per-use roadside assistance program is provided expressly for Visa cardholders. Certain terms, conditions and exclusions apply. Please refer to your Guide to Benefits for more information.

Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay

Join your chosen mobile payment platform to make quick and secure payments with your Alliant Credit Union Visa® credit card. Plus, all payments made with Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay still come with the same benefits of your Alliant Visa credit® card. Learn more.38

24/7 customer service

Have questions regarding your Alliant credit card account? We're here for you 24/7. Simply call the number on the back of your credit card to talk with a friendly Alliant member service representative. They can help with virtually every aspect of your card membership (including technical assistance).

ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock™

No one can prevent all identity theft, so staying informed and knowing what to do when your identity is threatened can give you greater peace of mind. ID Navigator Powered by NortonLifeLock, your partner against identity theft, helps provide you with tools so you can act quickly should the unexpected happen.

To confirm eligibility, visit


Online banking

Managing your credit card online with Alliant Online Banking couldn't be easier. Check balances, manage payments, conduct balance transfers and more.

Balance transfers

You can easily transfer balances from your other credit cards to take advantage of the Visa Platinum Card benefits - especially the lower interest rate. You can transfer balances at any time for 2% of the balance transfer amount, $5 minimum (unless associated with a promotional offer). Get a transfer started by filling out our easy online form or by contacting a member service representative.


Automatic payments

Are you tired of worrying about when your credit card payment is due? Now you can easily setup automatic credit card payments from an Alliant account or an account at a different financial institution, so you'll never be late again.

You can choose to either pay off the balance in full or to pay off a specified amount each month. To take advantage of this free service, simply select the payment method when you apply for your Alliant Visa® Platinum credit card or change your payment method at any time.

Visa® Platinum Card Rates

0 %
Introductory rate

Low introductory and standard rates Introductory rates as low as 0% APR applies for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers after account opening. Then, a low standard variable rate applies ranging from 15.49%–27.49% APR. The balance transfer fee is 2% of the amount transferred,  $5 minimum.

Visa Platinum Card FAQs

Do you have introductory rates? How does that work?

We offer some of the lowest introductory purchase and balance transfer rates available.  Your rate is based in part on your credit score and can be as low as 0% for 12 billing cycles. After this promotional period ends your standard APR will apply to all new purchases and balance transfers and all unpaid balances.51 A balance transfer fee of 2% of the amount transferred,  $5 minimum will be applied.

Do you offer a debt protection plan?

Yes, we offer a debt protection benefit plan in the event of death, disability or involuntary unemployment. Read about the debt protection plan or speak to your Loan Consultant for additional details.

I lost my credit card or it was stolen, how do I get a new one?

If your credit card was lost or stolen, please report your card loss as soon as possible. You can report your card as lost/stolen in online banking, in our mobile banking app (under Card Management), or by calling 866-444-8529 (24/7).

How can I make a credit card payment?

You can make a credit card payment any time by making a transfer in Alliant Online Banking, using Bill Pay, using the Alliant Mobile Banking App, or by calling us at 800-328-1935 (24/7).

How long does it take to get a credit card in the mail?

Once the application is accepted, it typically takes 14-21 days to receive your new Alliant Visa credit card in the mail.

What are the benefits of having an Alliant credit card?

As an Alliant member, having a Visa credit card from Alliant makes smart financial sense. Our Visa credit card options give you the purchasing power you deserve, while saving you money over higher interest rate cards with every statement. 

There are charges on my credit card I don’t recognize. What do I do?

To report an unrecognized charge, call the number on the back of your credit card at your earliest convenience. Alternatively, you can dispute the charges online through Alliant online banking. First, select your Visa card from your list of accounts. Then click the “Manage Accounts” tab, select “Dispute Transaction” and follow the prompts to identify and submit the specific transaction(s) you want to dispute. 

How long does it take to get an Alliant credit or debit card?

After your application for an Alliant Visa credit or debit card has been approved, it typically takes 14-21 days to receive your Alliant Visa credit card or Alliant Checking Account Visa debit card via U.S. mail. If you need it faster, we offer a fee-based expedited service. 

What fees do you charge on your credit cards?

Please see our terms and conditions for a complete list of fees.

How can I increase my card limit?

Please contact an Alliant representative at 800-328-1935 to discuss increasing your credit card limit.

Can I get Visa Purchase Alerts?

Yes, you can get alerts for transactions in real-time and immediately identify potentially fraudulent activity. You can adjust your alerts to what makes sense for you and receive them via SMS text or email. Choose triggers for your alerts like reaching a purchase amount threshold, international purchases, purchases made on the internet or over the phone. Learn more and sign up at

Can I transfer balances from other credit cards to my Alliant Visa Platinum card?

Absolutely. We make it easy to transfer balances from your other credit cards so you can save money with Alliant's low interest rates. You can transfer a balance when you apply or after you've been approved for your Alliant Visa Platinum card. A fee of 2% of the balance transfer applies, $5 minimum.

What should I do if I can’t make my payment on time?

Alliant offers a Loan Assistance Program to support our members who are suffering through a financial hardship and need extra help to get back on track financially. Learn more on the Alliant Loan Assistance Program page of our website.

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