Working toward digital equity for all

Through grants and investments, the Alliant Foundation works tirelessly for digital inclusion and invests in the causes that matter to Alliant employees. Apply for grant (PDF)

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Alliant Foundation

Serving as Alliant Credit Union’s charitable arm, the Alliant Credit Union Foundation is driven to assist programs and organizations that offer services to support digital inclusion across the United States.

Through grants and investments, the Foundation partners with charitable organizations that provide reliable broadband, digital literacy resources, and technology equipment.

Advancing a culture of social responsibility

In addition to digital equity, Alliant employees are passionate about numerous philanthropic efforts. From Alzheimer’s charities to zoological societies and everything in between, the Foundation supports the causes our Alliant employees believe in.

The Foundation is proud to match Alliant employee qualifying charitable donations up to $1,000 per fiscal year — historically supporting over 50 organizations.

Apply for a digital inclusion grant

The Alliant Foundation is honored to support 501(c)(3) organizations with a mission to propel digital equity forward. The Foundation cannot approve grant requests driven by political or religious objectives.

If your organization’s work supports digital inclusion directly or tangentially throughout the 48 Contiguous States, Alaska, Hawaii, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, we invite you to apply!

Our grant application is simple

1. Click the green “Apply for grant” button.

Apply for grant (PDF)

2. Download and complete the grant application.

*Note: Because Alliant serves members across the U.S., there are no regional barriers for grants.

3. Return the application by

Mailing it to:
Alliant Credit Union Foundation
P.O. Box 661218
Chicago, IL 60666-1218

Or emailing it to:
[email protected]

Please note: All applications will be subject to approval from the Alliant Credit Union Foundation board. The duration of the review process can vary and is determined by the Board’s schedule. Please take this into account if your request has a deadline, and submit it in advance to allow for ample time.

Meet our Foundation board

The Alliant Foundation board reviews grant request submissions and ensures the Foundation maintains its vision. The board is comprised of Alliant Credit Union employees.

The Alliant Credit Union Foundation is registered as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation with the IRS. It is a separate independent legal entity, incorporated in Illinois and operated by the board of directors comprised of Alliant Credit Union employees.

Dennis Devine


Meredith Ritchie

Board President

Michael Gard

Board Treasurer

Rich Holke

Board Director

Janet Meinheit

Board Director

Jackie Gruenes

Board Director

Farvah Lakhani

Board Director

Crystal Wyatt

Board Director

Paul Letourneau

Board Director

Frequently asked questions

How is the Alliant Credit Union Foundation funded?

Initial funding for the Alliant Credit Union Foundation was established by a $4 million grant from Alliant Credit Union. Income earned on these funds is used to carry out our philanthropic activities.

Does the Alliant Credit Union Foundation's expenditures impact the member dividends or share value at Alliant Credit Union?

No, the Alliant Credit Union Foundation's expenditures are made independently from the operations of Alliant Credit Union.

Does my organization align with your digital inclusion mission?

You can learn more about digital inclusion by visiting our page on Bridging the Digital Divide. Organizations that directly or tangentially impact digital equity are invited to apply for an Alliant Foundation grant.