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Learn more about banking digitally with credit union deposit accounts like checking, savings and certificates.

4/24/24  Banking TipsBudgeting & Saving
Locking in a high return, by Suze Orman

Don’t put it off: Financial expert Suze Orman recommends locking in a high-rate certificate right now before interest rates fall farther.

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4/23/24  Banking Tips
Celebrating World Book Day: Dive into our Executive Team’s Recommendations

This World Book Day, recognized on April 23, check out Alliant Executives financial book recommendations.

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4/10/24  Banking Tips
Do you pay taxes on money in a savings account?

While the money you deposit into your savings account is not taxable, the interest generated is usually considered taxable income. With Tax Day just around the corner, learn more about what taxes you are expected to pay on your savings account.

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4/9/24  Banking Tips
You are not on sale, by Suze Orman

Put in the work to make sure you’re paid fairly.

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4/3/24  Banking Tips
How to choose an online kids savings account

Providing your child with the tools to save is an important part of teaching them to be financially savvy. Here’s how to choose the best kids savings account.

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3/28/24  Banking Tips
Get financially prepared with these documents

When it comes to your personal finances, being prepared for any scenario is vital. These are the top documents you need to be ready no matter what happens.

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