Banking Tips

Learn more about banking digitally with credit union deposit accounts like checking, savings and certificates.

4/1/21  Banking Tips
Should you grow emergency savings or pay off debt first?

If unexpected bills arise causing you to empty your savings and max out your credit cards, learn which to take care of first.

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1/28/21  Banking Tips
What’s the difference between banks and credit unions?

Can you spot some misconceptions about credit unions? See what you know.

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12/4/20  Banking Tips
6 reasons to open a Roth IRA

Do you know all the ways you can use a Roth IRA to your advantage? We share why a Roth IRA could be a good investment for your future.

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12/3/20  Banking Tips
4 myths about online savings accounts

Get the scoop on four common misconceptions regarding online savings accounts.

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11/25/20  Banking Tips
Tired of paying ATM fees? Alliant offers ATM Rebates!

Learn how you can save money by eliminating fees with an Alliant checking account with ATM rebates. 

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11/17/20  Banking Tips
IRA and 401(k) contribution limits for 2021

The IRS has announced contribution limits for individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and 401(k) accounts for 2021.

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