Fraud Prevention & Security

Protect your identity and your finances by staying on top of the latest security and fraud prevention measures.

9/15/22  Fraud Prevention & Security
How to protect yourself from financial phone scams

With so many financial phone scams out there, learn what warning signs you should look out for and how to protect yourself if a scammer targets you.

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2/28/22  Fraud Prevention & Security
What does Visa Zero Liability cover?

The Visa Zero Liability policy gives you greater peace of mind when shopping with your Visa credit card. Find out what it covers and how it works.

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2/23/22  Fraud Prevention & Security
Identity thieves want your tax refund. Here’s how to protect yourself.

Learn steps to prevent falling prey to tax refund fraud and what to do if you are victimized.

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2/7/22  Fraud Prevention & Security
What victims of fraud should do first

Learn about the first four steps you should take if you are a victim of fraud. 

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12/8/21  Fraud Prevention & Security
8 ways to protect yourself from holiday fraud

Follow these tips to help you stay safe from fraudsters and scammers.

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11/26/21  Fraud Prevention & Security
Keep your accounts secure during the fraulidays

It's the most wonderful time of the year for cyber scrooges. Learn how to protect yourself during the holiday season.

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