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What can the joint owner of an Alliant account do with their joint account(s)?

The actions and transactions that a joint owner is allowed to make on an account differ depending on whether the joint owner has their own Alliant membership or not. Joint owners without an Alliant membership have more limited access than joint owners who have a membership themselves.

Joint owner without membership (limited access):
A joint owner without their own membership does not have online access, but can complete the following transactions by calling the Alliant Member Care Center at 800-328-1935.

  • Request an account and transaction summary
  • Perform debit card management tasks (order, activate or replace a card; report a card lost/stolen)
  • Make transfers between any Alliant accounts for which you are a joint owner
  • Order checks
  • Request that Alliant stop payment on a check

Joint owner with membership:
A joint owner with their own membership can make all of the “limited access” phone-only transactions listed above and can also complete the following transactions using online or mobile banking:

  • View Account & Transaction Summary
  • Perform card management tasks (order, activate or replace a card; report a card lost/stolen)
  • Make transfers between their own Alliant deposit accounts and any account(s) on which they’re a joint owner
  • Send/receive secure digital messages within online and mobile banking

Joint owner limitations:  Whether a joint owner has their own membership or not, they can’t complete the following actions and transactions on their joint account. (Note: Joint owners who are members can complete these actions on their own membership accounts, but not on accounts for which they are only a joint owner.)

  • Use Bill Pay
  • View or request statements (for products they are a joint owner on)
  • Set up transaction alerts
  • Make transfers to or from another financial institution
  • Set up travel notifications for Alliant debit or credit cards
  • Mobile deposit into joint account from primary account

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